Self medicating with addictive substances is rampant in New Hampshire and across  this great nation.  As of March 9,  2017  confirmed deaths in New Hampshire from drug overdoses in 2016 were 456,  and this does not even take in consideration of the  22 more cases pending toxicology results. Deaths in New Hampshire in 2017  has been reported to be at least 1 overdose death per day.  


It has been estimated that 30 percent of the LGBT community struggles with some form of addiction (alcohol, substances, process) compared against 9 percent of the general population struggling with some form of addiction (alcohol, substances, process).  When combining alcohol, substances and tobacco, addiction the numbers show that addiction is 2 to 4 times higher in the LGBT community than that of the general population. 


There are several compounded reasons for the higher percentage rates of addiction in the LGBTQI community. for example: One of those reasons  factors in the stresses we share with the larger community around  stigma  related to the disease of addiction. However we also  deal with the negative/derogatory stigma around being ourselves as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Inter-sexed people.

  When we find that our environment may be hostile (As in Homophobia/heterosexism)  leading us with compounded feelings of anxiety, guilt/shame,  low self esteem and self worth. we then may choose to cover up our LGBTQI identities causing isolation and depression. Thus,  compounding the stress forces in our lives and complicating our disease of addiction.


Many of us seek help in the recovery community at large but don't necessarily get the camaraderie, sensitivity and understanding that we need from existing resources, because they lack the education and understanding on how to reach out and support our community.


I write this blog piece to offer what resources that I have been able to find.  They will be listed as Local, Regional, and National. I will break the resources down further by Allied Supportive  and LGBTQI Initiated. CLICK ON THE LINK "RECOVERY ADDICTION RESOURCES".


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    Jonathan A. (Wednesday, 16 May 2018 15:20)

    Thank you for all the dedication and work you do for the LGBTQ community. I found this link to be a helpful resource as well: